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Party for a Cause in Wake County
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...Or did you want to be a couch-potato all weekend?

Who likes spending every Saturday night watching re-runs on TV? Most people like to go out and have fun! You'll probably go bowling, see a new movie, hang out with friends at the mall, or go to a party, right? And chances are, you're going to spend some money.

So what if you could enter a bowling tournament and play for prizes, go to a party with tons of free food, or try something unique like a giant carnival with crazy games and prizes or a live outdoor show. It would cost the same amount of money, offer prizes and free stuff, and help solve some of our community's social problems, too, like homelessness, domestic violence, or diseases.

All you need to do is find out where the action is, and you could have an awesome weekend doing the kind of stuff you'd normally do anyways, like bowl, party, or listen to live bands; but also have the opportunity to let the money you spend mean something.

So this community is basically a place to list charitable, fun events for all the local Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill people who want to have awesome weekends, but also help out the community. I figure, hey, if people actually know what's happening and how they can get involved, these great events will be more likely to be enjoyed and reach their goals. These are not volunteer events, just fun events to attend and enjoy!

1. The events MUST help out a cause, a charity, or have a mission! Regular parties are fun, but not to be advertised on this community.

2. The events MUST be FUN! Making a difference and helping other people shouldn't be a chore.