Heather (miraculousdream) wrote in party4charity,

Laser-Tag Benefit Blast!

Come out and play some laser-tag at Battlezone! Three hours of laser-tag, plus all the free food you can eat, and awesome raffle prizes is only $17.50 a person if you pre-register ($25 at the door) -- a special, discounted rate for this event only! Plus G-105 will be there, playing along with everyone else. Better yet, proceeds go to fund a ME-3, a non-profit organization that promotes and educates people on volunteerism, civic engagement, and solving community social issues.

Come play laser-tag with us! For more information--or to register--check out the website: http://www.me-3.org/2006LaserTagBenefitBlastAbout.html

Or email me at heather@me-3.org for more details!
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