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Change the World by Having Fun!

...Or did you want to be a couch-potato all weekend?

Who likes spending a Saturday night watching re-runs on TV? Most people like to go out and have fun! You'll probably go bowling, see a new movie, hang out with friends at the mall, or go to a party, right? And chances are, you're going to spend some money.

So what if you could enter a bowling tournament and play for prizes, go to a party with tons of free food, or try something unique like a giant carnival with crazy games and prizes or a live outdoor show. It would cost the same amount of money, offer prizes and free stuff, and help solve some of our community's social problems, too, like homelessness, domestic violence, or diseases.

All you need to do is find out where the action is, and you could have an awesome weekend doing the kind of stuff you'd normally do anyways, like bowl, party, or listen to live bands; but also have the opportunity to let the money you spend mean something.

So here's a list I've gotten together for all the local Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill people who want to have awesome weekends, but also help out the community. I figure, hey, if people actually know what's happening and how they can get involved, these great events will be more likely to be enjoyed and reach their goals. These are not volunteer events, just fun events to attend and enjoy!

Laser-Tag Party and Tournament
Hosted by ME-3 (www.me-3.org) and Battlezone.

What is it?: This is an awesome event for families and groups to attend! From 5pm to 8pm there's a huge party at Battlezone, a the biggest laser-tag establishment in North Carolina! There's tons of laser-tag, really cool raffle prizes, and mounds and mounds of FREE FOOD! Steamers, shouting, pulse-pumping music -- it's an awesome event costs less than what you'd normally pay to play 3 hours of laser-tag anyways--PLUS half the proceeds go to a local non-profit! Last year, even G-105 showed up and passed out some prizes!

How much? Early bird registration costs $17.50 a person, which is less than a normal three hour pass at Battlezone normally costs. Go here to register now!

When is it? It's Saturday, June 10th from 5pm to 8pm. Afterwards, from 8:30pm to Midnight, there's a tournament, also $17.50 to join if you're interested and have a team.

I'm in! Where do I go? Battlezone is located at 8311 Creedmoore Road in the shopping center at the intersection of Creedmoore and Strickland.

More info, please?http://www.me-3.org/2006LaserTagBenefitBlastAbout.html


2nd Annual "Come Together" PoetryFest at the Hibernian Pub
Hosted by SoulKissWriter (http://www.soulkisswriter.com) and the Hibernian.</b>

In Honor of April, Sexual Abuse Awareness Month

Calling all Poets (or even just people who have something important to say!) to this FREE event! Ideas and inspiration become contagious when poets and writers come together and share their words! We're tired of stuffy poetry-readings--this is a PARTY. This event has a raffle with some awesome prizes and gives you the chance to get to know some other writers and share your own works with the community! Plus, gather around the cause of Sexual Abuse Awareness and speak out about social problems--and maybe learn about some as well. SoulKissWriter has agreed to let some proceeds of the raffle go to an organization that aids victims of childhood sexual abuse.

How Much is this? FREE! Just come join us and share your writing!

When is it? Saturday, April 29th from 2pm to 5pm.

Where do I go? The Hibernian Pub in Cary, located at 1144 Kildaire Farm Road.

I'm in! What should I do now? If you want to just come visit, just mark your calender! If you have some ideas or poems you'd love to share, please register before April 15th! You can register by emailing Cherokee@SoulKissWriter.com your name, number, address, and type of poetry. It's free! But there is a $10 charge if you register and decide to drop out, so please be brave and share your poems with us!

More info? Email Cherokee@SoulKissWriter.com. Simple!


Walk/Run/Bike for Umstead!

Enjoy the awesome spring weather and spend a day outside at Umstead Park, riding your bike down the trails or walking along with some friends. Live music will keep everyone moving, and free snacks and cool prizes add some extra energy to the day! This is a great way to help preserve our community's natural beauty, while also enjoying it and getting out of the house!

When is it? Saturday April 22nd--Earth Day! Rain or Shine, there'll be a party!

Where do I go?A private farm on Reedy Creek Road next to William B. Umstead State Park.

How much money do I need? It's $25 a person for adults, and $15 for kids.

I'm in! What should I do now? Go to http://umsteadcoalition.org/ and register!

More info, please? http://umsteadcoalition.org/


7th Annual K-9 3K Dogwalk – SPCA

They’re closing down the streets around Moore Square in downtown Raleigh and letting the city go to the dogs! Bring your own pooch for a fun animal parade or just bring your family and enjoy the festivities! Food, prizes, and lots of pets make this event a fun fundraiser for the SPCA.

When is this? Saturday, May 6th. The festivities start at 2pm, and the walk
itself begins at 4pm. Then, from 5:30 to 9pm, enjoy the Bark
After Dark

Where do I go? Moore Square in Downtown Raleigh on a beautiful spring day!

How much money do I need?: $25 for adults, $15 for children or get the family
pack discount, $25 for the first person, then $10
for every person after that!

Why should I care? Cause it’ll be fun, and it helps cute, fuzzy animals!

Okay, I’m in! What now? Visit http://www.spcawake.org/dogwalk_2006.html
to register or to ask questions!


Durham Earth Day Festival

This awesome outdoor festival has no cover charge and tons of fun outdoor games! There’s a climbing wall, food, music, and Earth day activities created to educate kids and adults on how to keep Earth beautiful! Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon, especially in this nice weather.

When is this? Saturday, April 22nd from 11am-5pm

Where do I go? Durham Central Park in downtown Durham

How much money do I need? There’s no cover charge for this event! Sweet!

Okay, I’m in! What now? Well, if you want more information about the event
and the dozens of activities at the festival, check
it all out here: http://www.durhamearthday.org/

... So you were going to, what, stay inside all weekend and watch TV? Go live your life and make an impact in your community--or, hell, change the world.
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