Heather (miraculousdream) wrote in party4charity,

Come play laser-tag with me! ^_^*

Alright guys, it's almost here!!!

The Second Annual Laser-Tag Benefit Blast!!

I'll be taking my usual spot, standing on top of the counter shouting out who gets prizes, who gets to play next, and which team is kicking everybody else's butt!

G-105 is coming out just like last year! THEY had fun, so you should come have fun, too!

Three hours of laser-tag, all-you-can-eat pizza and snacks, and an awesome raffle -- $25 at the door! Come make our event a success; we can't do it without you!

When? Saturday, June 10th from 5pm to 8pm!
Where? Battlezone! 8311 Creedmoor Rd. 27613
Why? Proceeds support ME-3, a non-profit organization that edcuates Wake County on how to make a difference!


If you still have energy after the three-hour free-for-all (or if you can't arrive until later!) we're having a tournament from 8:30pm until midnight! We have prizes for the winning team, just like last year! Think you have what it takes to compete? Sign up!

It's $25 per person, and teams should have at least 6 people and no more than 8. If you don't have a team, you can still join, and we'll find a team for you to join!


Want to be a part of ALL OF IT? It's $40 per person for 3 hours of laser-tag, free food, the raffle, AND the tournament!!!

Come play laser-tag with me guys! ^_^* I need your help!

For more information on the LTBB or on ME-3 and helping others, check out our website: www.me-3.org We even have pictures of last year's party, so you can see all the fun you missed. :P
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